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Iraqi Dinar: Scam or Scoop?

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The financial world we live in is just as wild, if not more, than the mountains and woods we walk through. We are told that the fundamentals of our economy are strong, but we can feel that something is wrong. My unique financial background and survival passion make Financial Survivalist and excellent place to learn and share.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

World Wide Web Wednesday:

World Wide Web Wednesday

I guess what some would call my "real" job is as a Sales Manager for Pinnacle Security, LLC. Pinnacle security offers cellular alarm services through does not offer alarm services directly.

Using a cellular connection insted of a landline has many benefits.
1. Land lines can be cut eliminating an alarms ability to call the central stations
2. Cellular connection allows for smash and grab technology. Even if the intruder destroys the alarm before the delay ends, it will still work.
3. allows you to control and monitor your alarm from any smart phone or computer with internet connection.
4. allows for home automation: locks, lights, thermostat and camera control from a smartphone or computer.

I have this alarm and so does my family. Most alarms are pretty much worthless because there is no way to confirm a breakin and they are easy to bypass. With Pinnacle Security and, I have several ways to verify a break in, cancel false alarms and I know that it cannot be bypassed.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How To Tuesday: Make a Root Cellar

Building a root cellar is easier than you think. The whole point of a root cellar is to have a natural storage area with ideal temperature (32-40f) and humidity (80-90%) for storing tubors and vegitables. The keys to building a good root cellar are Insulation, Ventilation and cooling.


Alsmost any container burried in the ground will work, even if the dirt is the bulk of the insulation. However, the more extreme your weather, the more insulation is needed. Favorite options are old refridgerators, buckets, and barrels.

Cool Air From Ground

To keep your container cool in the hot summers, dig a post hole as deep as you can below your container. Add some kind of holes/screen to the bottom of your container so that the cool air can draft into it.


You must have some kind of air exaust so that the cool air can move through the root cellar propperly, but not too quickly. One way is to add a layer of straw with a vent stack at the top of the mound, and then another layer of dirt. Some people attach a vent stack directly. Either way, make sure attach some sort of flu so that you can adjust the ammount of ventilation.


Below is a couple of how to websites.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Iraqi Dinar: Scam or Scoop?

What is the Iraqi Dinar?

The Iraqi Dinar is the currency being used in Iraq. There are heavily circulated rumors that after the war comes to an end the IMF will revalue the Dinar. If you buy a bunch of Dinars then when they revalue, those Dinars would be worth "millions." There are several websites "selling" Dinars.

The people that buy into this idea are very adamant about it. It seems to be in close nit groups like MLM (multi lever marketing) groups. Many of them bet every cent they own on this idea, and whether or not it is a scam is a very dangerous topic to discuss with them.

How does the IMF play a role?

The IMF (International Monetary Fund) often puts a hold on currency exchange with a country that is at war. This is so surrounding countries and currency traders do not take advantage of their currency. If no hold is placed on the currency, then currency traders and the surrounding countrys can make millions or billions, but in doing so absolutly destroy the country's economy.

This means that a guy in rural America, siting at his computer buying dinars is probably not buying actual dinars. Sometimes they get a certificate, but to remove the currency from the country for purposes of currency exchange would be illegal. In order to exchange your dinars you would have to physically be in Iraq.

How does revaluation of currency work?

Let's assume someone was able to get their hands on some Iraqi Dinars. The whole idea is that when the war is over the IMF will revalue the Iraqi Dinar and suddently their briefcase of foreign currency will be worth 1000x their original investment.

The problem is that these people don't understand how a currency revaluation works. When a currency is revaluated, there is essentially a new currency created. That currency (the new Dinar) will have an exchange rate for the old dinar. The old dinars will be just as worthless as they were before. If the "investor" is lucky they might be able to get back part of their original investment, but that is only if they actually have Dinars. I doubt they do.

Financial Survivalist Rule 27: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mesa Police Use Excessive Force on Solicitor

Do we already live in a Police State? Saturday, Feburary 25, Shane Rasmussen, an innocent solicitor found himself surrounded by 5 police cars. "They treated me like I was a drug dealer," Shane later recounted.

It all started as a normal day as a door to door salesman as Shane approached his second house that afternoon. There was an adorable little girl standing in the open door. "Can you go get your daddy?" asked Shane in an endearing voice. The little girl ran into the house to fetch her father. A stern man with a medium build, approached the door quickly. He grasped the edge of the door firmly and yelled with simingly all his might, "I'M NOT INTERESTED!" What fallowed reminded Shane of the turbulence from a jet engine, but it was merely the wind created by the force of the slamming door.

"Being rejected by inconsiderate jerks is part of being a door to door salesman," said Shane. He shrugged it off and walked to the next door. Half way across the street the immediately previous selfproclaimed professional door slammer came chasing after Shane out of his house flashing a badge. "I'm an off duty police officer! Let me see your permit!" demanded the Mesa Police officer dressed in normal clothing. Assuming he was properly licensed by his company, Shane replied calmly, "You'll have to call my manager, I don't have it on me."

The next thing Shane knew he was slammed to the street without explination and dragged onto the police officer's property. Soon after Shane found himself surrounded by five police cars. It was like a scence from a drug war. He was welcomed to the Mesa City holding facility by jokes from other police officers. "Like a fish jumping into the net," the Poice Officers laughed.

Shane was never read his rights, and Shane was refused food that was in accordance with a glutan free diet. Shane has coeleacs desease and eating gluten, a wheat protein, is seriously damaging to Shane's health. Hours later when Shane was released on $500 bail, Shane still had grass in his hair.

It seems like fiction, but it's not. It is a story of a Mesa Police officer abusing his sacred trust to PROTECT and SERVE. Does justice still live in the USA? Share Shanes story. Speak out against abuse in your neiborhood.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Non-Fiction Friday: The Cheapskate Next Door

A "Cheapskate" is not a coupon cutter, bargain hunter, or a hotel towel theif. A cheapskate is simply someone that is happy with less. They don't lower their standard of living, they live below their means and are happy with a "lifestyle of less that feels like more."

I rarely watch tv because I don't have cable. However, I'm traveling on business this week and after work I started flipping through channels. I found a show about cheapskates. It interested me because I was in the middle of this book. Sure enough Jeff Yeager showed up on the screen. Not as a host, but as the "ultimate cheapskate."

At one point Jeff Yeager rode his bike around for hours looking for lost change. I have to admit he is a professional change finder. He managed to dig up (yes, dig) just over $7. He used that $7 to buy two goat heads at a butcher shop. He bought the goat heads to "save money," and cooked them for dinner.

First off, you can buy two decent stakes on clearance for $7. How is eating goat heads saving him any money? The meal still cost him $7.

Second, he spent almost all day looking for change. How is that any different than someone searching all day for the right coupons? How is it any different from someone that spends all day sifting through junk at garage sales to find a cheap dresser? Which, by the way, Jeff says is not something a "cheapskate" would do.

All in all the book is a decent book. It makes some good points and has some great ideas. I love the idea of a fiscal fast, recommended for one week a year by the author, I would recommend one day a month at least.

It is essential that a financial survivalist lives bellow their means. However, the author seems to say one thing in his book and portray another on tv. I'm pretty frugal, but instead of picking up change all day in order to pay for one meal, I'll work all day and pay for all the meals the entire week. My time is too valuable to spend it combing the grass near pay phones.

When a "cheapskate" buys a couch/car/dresser, they are buying a depreciating asset. If you buy an antique, you buy an appreciating asset and therefore a better investment. So, though it may be a larger "investment", buying an antique dresser is a better invesment than going to a garage sell and buying a dresser that is falling apart.

All hypocracy aside, this book does hold some valuable nuggets of knowledge, though reading it may remind you of looking change in the grass. What a financial survivalist needs is to be a smart consumer. If you have some time, this book can give you some inspiration.

I'll give it 6.5/10

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Financial Survival = Emergency Prep

My Thoughts Thursday

I was thinking this morning and I asked myself, "What is Financial Survival?" As I continued my thought, I realized that financial survival often looks like emergency preparedness. The reason why is that many emergencies are financial emergencies. Even if they don't start as a financial emergency, they can have financial consequences.

EXAMPLE: House Fire. If your house catches fire, the emmediate emergency is the fire, but it will deafinately have financial concequences.

Emergency Preparation that doubles as Financial Survival:

Proper Insurance - as in the example above, the proper insurance will mediate the financial disaster

Food Storage - Losing an income can be devistating. One of the biggest expenses for a family is food. Being able to rely on food storage durring this kind of emergency can be invaluable.

72hr Kit - Your 72 hour kit should have a decent amount of cash in small denominations. For me, some of that cash is junk silver which gives me US currency AND silver in an emergency.

As you can see there are several way that preparing for an emergency already makes you a financial survivalist. There are many more not listed here. If you prepare, you will not fear.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

World Wide Web Wednesday: Proshares ETF's

World Wide Web Wednesday

As featured on "How To Make Money From the Crash," is a company that offers several types of ETF's (exchange traded funds). The Proshares Funds page has filters to sort out ETF's that can do anything!

The reason why I want to feature this website is because of the powerful filters to find specific ETF's that do whatever you want. There are ETF's that track or do the inverse of indexes, sectors, specific companies, and even sentiments. Pretty much what ever you can imagine. The filters on the Proshares website let you sort through hundreds to find exactly what you want. Simplify your trades and get professional results.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to Make Money from the Crash

How To Tuesday
How To Make Money From the Crash

Millions of people lose millions of dollars when the stock market crashes. But a few make millions. How do they do it? The simple answer is called a short.

Sorting is essentially selling borrowed stock, hoping the price falls so that you can repay your borrowed stock for less.

For example, borrow from an institution Stock A, sell it immediately for $100. Then the price for Stock A falls to $75 and you buy it back. Then return the Stock A you borrowed from the institute. You make $25.

Actual shorting is a little bit more complicated and there are many ways to do it. In my opinion the easiest way to do it is through ETF's (exchange traded funds) that are designed to short the market. They trade just like a stock and increase in value when the underlying assets decreases.

Proshares has a good list of ETFs and a filter to sort out the ones that short the market. Next time the market crashes, maybe you'll be one of the few that make millions.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Non-Fiction Friday: 7 Tipping Points that Saved the World

Non-Fiction Friday
7 Tipping Points that Saved the World

I don't think people realize how fragile freedom really is. President Reagan said, "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction." He understood what few do. Each generation has their time that they must stand up to defend freedom. Our time is now.

The Miracle of Freedom: Seven Tipping Points That Saved the World highlights 7 points in history that freedom, the idea of freedom, or creation of freedom was on the verge of total destruction. The authors realize that there are many more "tipping points" in history, but it would be impractical to describe them all. They have chosen 7 they think are most important.

The mix of historical fiction and history fact, easily discernable, make this history book a very easy read. Following the stories of individual characters make these events personal, and help the reader gain personal insight.

When you finish this book, you will walk away with a new found appreciation for freedom. Freedom is not the rule, it is the exception. A very small number of the people that have lived on this earth have lived what we would call "free" lives. If we are not careful, this experiment called freedom, may end as just a blip of history.

This is a must read for a Financial Survivalist. Studying history helps us understand our current world and where we may be headed. I give it a 9/10.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Thoughts Thursday: Chicken Little

My Thoughts Thursday
Chicken Little

Sometimes I feel like Chicken Little. I run around screaming how the sky is falling. Then again, most of the things I scream about take a long time to fall. Someone once said, "The market can stay afloat longer than you think, and crash faster than you believe."

As I've said before, history tells us what is coming if we remain on our current path; economic collapse,  enslavement and war. I am a financial survivalist so I don't have to fear. I prepare for what may come in a way that will make me excel if it doesn't come.

I am so eager to get people's attention because we are at a turning point. We are running out of time to change our fate. The western way of life is in danger. Power hungry people and confused politicians are eager to hand out empty promises in exchange for power.

I think we all should be like chicken little. Speak up. Stand up. If you don't stand for something, you stand for nothing and that is exactly what you will have. If you feel like you don't know enough, educate yourself. Some people don't care about politics, but IT IS YOUR DUTY as a citizen, especially in these troubled times.

Be Smart and Thrive.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

World Wide Web Wednesday! GeoCache

World Wide Web Wednesday!

Geocaching is an outdoor sporting activity in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device[2] and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches" or "caches", anywhere in the world (Wiki).

Earlier this week a friend of mine at did a "prepisode" on how to make a PVC cache. This reminded me of geocaching. is place where you can get the coordinates or post coordinates for your cache or other caches people have already placed. Then you use your GPS device to find the cache, you put your name in the log book, and then exchange an item you brought for another item in the cache.

It can be quite entertaining when your in the middle of the High Uintas and you take the time to find a cache someone has already placed. I'm sure it would be just as fun to place your own, and return year after year to check the log book.

If the cache is for a possible bug out situation, then you probably wouldn't want to publish it's location. Or maybe you would. However, the skills to hide and find a cache on your GPS may prove to be valuable either way.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to Open an IRA

How To Tuesday
How To Open an IRA

1. Decide If an IRA is REALLY What You Want

Read why my wife and I DO NOT have an IRA or 401k. Ask yourself why you want an IRA? Usually for tax benefits. However, with all the liquidation and investing limitations I seek tax benefits elsewhere. Yes, there are Alternatives to Traditional Retirement Accounts.

2. Find a Provider

I prefer or It depends on how envolved you want to be and how often you will make trades. Sharebuilder has $4 stock trades IF you have an automatic investing plan (you have an auto transfer to sharebuilder with an auto purchase set up). Zecco has $5 stock trades both ways (buy and sell), but takes a little more time to transfer money to and from your account.

3. Decide How Much You Want to Contribute

For 2012 you can contribute a maximum of $5000/year, unless you are older than 50. Then you can contribute $6000/year. Luckily, you can still contribute for the year 2011 until you file your taxes.

4. Fund It

Fill out the forms on the chosen website. Select your funding option. You can transfer a different IRA, rollover a 401k, or just contribute cash. Connect an account, wire the money, or send a check. You can even call a previous provider and have them send a check directly to your new provider.

5. Pick Your Investments

I can't help you too much with this one. I can say that I like ETF's. Mutual Funds cost too much and have to many downsides to them, like you can owe taxes even if you've lost money. Good Luck.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Money Monday: Largest Ponzi Scheme in History

Money Monday
Largest Ponzi Scheme in History!
Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to its investors from their own money or the money paid by subsequent investors, rather than from any actual profit earned by the individual or organization running the operation (Wikipedia).

Essentially investor A is paid "returns" from investor B. There is no actual investment, and new investors are required to pay fictional returns to previous investors. Eventual the number of new investors is insufficient to pay the returns to previous investors. The Ponzi Scheme implodes.

So Called Largest Ponzi Scheme

Bernard Lawrence "BernieMadoff, born April 29, 1938, is a former American businessman, stockbrokerinvestment advisor, and financier. He is the former non-executive chairman of the NASDAQ stock market, and the admitted operator of a Ponzi scheme that is considered to be the largest financial fraud in U.S. historyThe amount missing from client accounts, including fabricated gains, was almost $65 billion. The court-appointed trustee estimated actual losses to investors of $18 billion (Wiki).

The U.S. Government spends a ton of money. I mean trillions! That money enters the economy in the form of wages or profit and is taxed. That tax income is used by the federal government as further spending. As the money moves through the system, without private sector growth, the tax income shrinks and the government is forced to used borrowed money to continue the ponzi scheme. At this point the scheme can only continue while the public accepts the increase in government debt and taxation.

The United States Government IS the Largest Ponzi Scheme in world history. In 2011, the U.S. Government received about $2.56 trillion in tax revenue spent (paid out) $3.83 trillion! That means that the U.S. Government expects to show it's investors almost 50% returns that are completely, 100% fake. Fabricated from thin air, the U.S. Government will pay earnings from additional investors investments (ie more taxes) (wiki).

How Long Can It Continue?

The U.S. Government has an interesting and unique position that it can print it's own money, and that it's currency is the world standard or reserve. This allows the U.S. Government the ability to pay fabricated gains with printed money as well as new investor deposits (tax income). This allows the U.S. and the Federal Reserve (not a part of the gov't) to propagate and continue the ponzi scheme as long as the world accepts it. Government spending is already 1/4 of U.S. GDP and will continue to grow until the Ponzi scheme is stopped and or exposed.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Non-Fiction Friday: I'm Falling Apart

Today I am not doing Non-Fiction Friday. I am far too stressed out. I decided to pay someone to cut the foundation and it's good I did. A lot easier, though more expensive. Today the window openings for the egress windows were cut, I installed the windows and framed them in.

I proceeded to the downstairs shower when I realized the "rough" in was actually suppose to be a "perfect" in. I'm about 1" off. I figured out a fix and then proceeded to mess up the fix. Now I have to hammer out a bunch of concrete and redo the plumbing. It's like my worse fears come true, though it's not the end of the world.

So after fixing a toilet for one of my tenants, I finally make my way home and decide to check on my Chilian Rose Hair Tarantula. I'm not a huge spider fan, but accepted the Tarantula as an adoption and since have become very fond of her. I named her Sheba, short for Bathsheba. I haven't seen her in about a week and decided to check on her tonight. She looked dead and disfigured. After pulling her out of her burrow and flipping her over I realized she was molting.

I'm such an idiot. The worse thing you can do to a tarantula is move it during a molt. Looked it up and she probably has a 20% chance of living. I'm such an idiot. It's not the first pet I've killed either. I accidentally poisoned a snake in high school and last year left my gecko in my car to die. I'm such an idiot. The only thing I can do now is wait and see if Sheba lives. The last thing I want to do is review a business book. So any way, next week I'll give you a really good book. As for now, good night and have a good weekend. Pray for Sheba.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Am I Doing Everything Wrong?

My Thoughts Thursday
Will I Mess It Up?

As I sit on the precipice of cutting the egress windows for a flip I am doing, I ask myself, "Am I doing it right? Am I going to mess everything up?" My mentor, Greg Clevery, told me about how he had to redo egress windows once because he had the wrong code requirements. I looked up the codes and found the minimum requirements for egress windows and ordered my windows accordingly.

Now, I don't have the chainsaw with a diamond blade to cut the foundation, and I can't find a place to rent it. I figure I'll have to use the circular saw to cut the concrete on both sides, then hammar it out, and finish by cutting the rebar. It's going to be a mess. I'm not excited to do it, and if I had to do it twice I would cry.

So, the time comes for me to gird my loins, suck it up and do it. In business, investing and survival, there are risks. The only way to succeed is to learn how to mitigate your risk, not eliminate it. If you never take risks, you'll never succeed. You miss 100% of the shots your never take.

Therefore, tomorrow, as the rain subsides and the tool rentals begin, I will start destroying my foundation and cutting a huge hole into the side of my house. I'm sure all will be well, but until then my message to all is HAVE COURAGE. There is no other way.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

How We Can Fix This

Money Monday
How We Can Fix This

Finally, on Money Monday, I give you my thoughts on how we can fix the problems in our country. I believe it is possible to reverse this cycle of socialization in time to save our country. Unfortunately, history tells us that it is not likely. Government gets bigger, not smaller.

No matter what we do, there is going to be a lot of pain. It will not be easy. The only difference is that we can choose to face our problems with courage as defenders of freedom, or we can bury our heads in the sand like socialistic cowards hoping it turns out for the best. That is how societies are enslaved. Below is how we can face our problems and make the best of the situation that our predecessors have left us.

Euro Crash

The only thing that will buy us enough time is the Euro crash. Yes this would destroy the world economy, but world investors will flee to the "safe" investment of U.S. debt. When running from a bear, you don't have to run faster than the bear, just faster than your friend. What I mean to say, is compared to the Euro, the U.S. still looks pretty good. I believe this comparison will maintain investor confidence in the U.S. long enough for us to implement the things below.

Reduce Government Spending

$1 of every $4 spent in the economy is spent by the U.S. Government. When a quarter of the economy represents government spending and specifically the increase in government spending, that means trouble. Just think about all the so call "growth" the economy has experienced over the passed few years. Now think about how much government spending has increased. How much of our 1% is fake? Without government is the economy even growing?

The biggest problem with this is that it doesn't work and is not sustainable. 1/3 of every dollar spent by the U.S. government is borrowed. U.S debt is at an all time high and no longer sustainable. The only thing keeping this ponzi scheme alive is the Fed using printed money to buy the debt that no one else will.

Also government spending cannot stimulate the private sector, because before the government can inject money into the private sector it has to take the money out of the private sector via taxes. The only thing the government can stimulate is inflation and more government.

Reduce Size of Government Regulation

Could Bill Gates start Microsoft in his garage today? Many people say no. Government regulation is smothering growth. Thousands of regulations have been unconstitutionally enacted by way of FDA, IRS, EPA, Department of Labor and Department of Energy regulations and executive orders. The cost of doing business has skyrocketing and is stifling growth and hiring.

The government needs to ensure fair competition and get out of the way. This provides equal opportunity, not equal results. It prevents companies from taking unnecessary risks by eliminating guarantees like what happened with the bank bailouts.

Flat Tax

The Tax system is extremely cumbersome and extremely debilitating. By create a flat tax, and eliminating most deductions (not charitable giving) all will pay their fair share. It will also leave more money in the private sector, where it can do the most good.

Nearly half of all U.S. households pay no federal income taxes. How can a population be expected to spend contributions responsibly when nearly half of them don't contribute? If everyone has to pay a part, the sacrifice will hit home and voters will spend tax income more responsibly.

Reduce the Welfare State

"The worse thing that you can do for someone else is something that they can do for themselves." I don't know who said it, but it's true. Ben Franklin counseled us to make people uncomfortable in their poverty. Then they will work to escape it.

Our welfare system has become extremely overgrown. It allows people to become comfortable in their poverty. They never break themselves free of the poverty trap, and why would they? I have a tenant that receives more than $1000 in social security income, city paid rent, utility assistance, food stamps, and he still stands on the corner with a cardboard sign.

There are three main reasons for poverty: 1. misfortune, 2. laziness, and 3. ignorance. Welfare teaches people that they don't need an emergency fund to keep them afloat in the event of misfortune. Welfare allows people to be comfortable in their poverty and they become lazy. Ignorance, specifically financial ignorance, leads to horrible financial mistakes that result in further poverty. We need a spring board, not a safety net.

Eliminate Political Corruption

If a business owner gives a congressman $10,000 cash, they both go to jail. However, if a business owner gives a congressman stock options for an IPO valued at $100,000, it is perfectly legal. Obviously there is way too much corruption in politics. Corruption at this level impedes Congress' ability to serve the people. Instead they serve themselves and the hand that feeds. To solve this corruption we must:

  1. Slash Salaries of elected officials. They should not make more than the average American or a serviceman in the armed forces. Some argue to raise salaries in order to attract the best and brightest and ease the desire to create alternative means of income. I disagree. The government shouldn't need the "best and brightest." They belong in the public sector where they can create jobs and raise everyones standard of living. The government need to protect fair competition and get out of the way.
  2. Eliminate corporate money. Corporations should be severely limited as to the amount of money they can donate. Every organization should be severely limited in this way.
  3. Eliminate legal loopholes that allow elected officials to participate in insider trading. 

Drill Baby Drill

Canada experienced just as much of a crash as everyone else in the world. However, by taking advantage of new found oil, they have recovered all jobs lost and reivigorated their econmy. North Dakota has done the same, taking advantage of new found oil. Currently North Dakota is the fastest growing state in the nation. They are also the state with the lowest unemployment.

The current administration has done the opposite of canada. They have virtually halted all drilling permits in the Gulf of Mexico. They have stopped renewing drilling permits on government land. Through the FDA and their green agenda, they have all but made oil and coal energy illegal. To top it all off, they have cancelled plans to take advantage of Canada's prosperity by canceling plans to build a pipeline that would pipe Canada's oil to the U.S. Now, in an effort to "save the environment" the oil will be shipped to China, and we will have to continue to ship our oil from the middle east.

This step is absolutely essential. Without a large economic stimulant, the economy cannot survive the required cuts.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

One Minute Millionaire by Robert G Allen

Non-Fiction Friday

Today we review a book that was given to me  a long time ago. The idea of The One Minute Millionaire is that in 60 seconds you can change you way of thought enough to result in new found wealth. It refers to a moment of decision and commitment. That moment is when you became the millionaire. The net worth thing is just a technicality.

Of coarse those are my words. It's kind of how I feel about the book. There are a lot of good principles in the book, though I feel it is more Fiction than Non-Fiction. Nevertheless, it is an easy, quick read and may just inspire you to become a millionaire.

There is a story about a single mom, who's in-laws forcibly take custody of her children. They make a deal that if the single mom can make a million dollars within a certain amount of time then she can have the children. It's definitely an inspiring story, but not a must read.

6 of 10

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Thoughts Thursday

My Thoughts Thursday: A day for me to share with you whatever has been on my mind.

There are times that I sit down at my keyboard and just want to write. This is one of those times and Thursday is a perfect day for it. I am traveling today for business, as I often do. It seams to me that many people are begining to feel better about the economy, like we will recover and all will be well. It is stupid to think that their will not be another recession, though I believe most people realize that these last few years may one day be relived once more.

I have seldom thought the same as the masses. I have always thought differently, and more often than not, seem to see things others cannot. I would not be suprised if our economy did recover. The lengths that the Federal Reserve and U.S. Government will intervene seam to have no limits. However, this recovery will be short lived in the view of history. The attempts to save are fiat system are in vain.

Financial systems, as well as societies, have life cycles and ours is nearing it's end. I believe within my life time I will see the failure of the representative republic known as the United States of America. Our current form of government will be replaced by a more controlling form. I also believe that this change may be brought on by the failure of our fiat money system. A system that is already on the birnk of collapse.

I do not write this so that you may dispare. I write so that you may prepare. No matter what the future holds, if you prepare, you shall not fear. As always, be smart and thrive.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wold Wide Web Wednesday: Investopedia

World Wide Web Wednesday!

Just as the title implies, is an encylopedia of investing.  It includes an investor's dictionary, tutorials, simulators and free tools. In fact the entire site is free.

This is the website that taught me the majority of what I know. By the time I finally reached my college investing classes, I already knew most of what they taught.

For those who may be considering financial services careers, investopedia also includes free exam prep and practice tests for almost every exam.

All in all, is a great website with loads of free, accurate information. If you want to learn how to invest, or simply want to know what a piker trader is, investopedia is an excellent resource.

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